Aaliyah Love
Erik comes home to find Aaliyah sleeping on the couch. Erik tries not to wake her but fails. She then starts to hot on Erik, but he think’s she’s too young. Aaliyah won’t have any of that and throws herself on Erik.

Evilyn Fierce
Evilyn and Mr. Tate (Evan Stone) are enjoying a glass of cold water on a very hot day. Mr. Tate watches Evilyn while she seductively rubs the glass all over her body, that’s when things really heat up.

Lyla Storm
Mr. B’s (Billy Tate) old sports injury comes back again so his wife gets Lyla to look after him. Lyla bring Mr. B to lay down and then offers a back massage, things start to get really heavy when Mr. B turns over with a giant peter popping out.

Natalia Starr
Manuel is convinced that his babysitter Natalia is steeling poke and decides to pull off a little stakeout. Manuel thinks he finally catches her in the act , but what she’s doing is a whole lot better.

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